Chapter 3

Term Definition
Delta an area at the mouth of a river, often triangle-shaped, made up of silt deposits.
Cataracts rocky stretches marked by swift currents and rapids.
Menes First pharaoh of Egypt; he is credited with uniting Upper and Lower Egypt and is said to have founded the city of Memphis, the capital of unified Egypt.
Pharaoh ruler of ancient Egypt.
Theocracy a state ruled by religious figures.
Bureaucracy a highly structured organization managed by officials.
Hatsheput Queen of ancient Egypt; she took the throne in place of her stepson, Thutmose III, and during her reign, focused on temple-building projects and trade.
Ramses the Great Pharaoh of Egypt; he led an army against Hittite invaders of Egypt. He ruled Egypt with extravagance and built more temples and monuments than any other Egyptian pharaoh.
Obelisks tall, thin pillars with pyramid-shaped tops.
Mummification the making of mummies.
Hieroglyphics the main Egyptian writing system.
Papyrus a reedy plant that grew along the Nile.
Rosetta Stone long passages of ancient writing.
Piankhi King of ancient Kush; he led the Kushites north into Egypt, conquering all of Egypt and making himself pharaoh.
Smelt to melt or fuse metal in order to separate the metallic components.

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