Chapter 2 (psych) Chapter 2 (pysch)

Term Definition
naturalistic observation research method in which the psychologist observes the subject in a natural setting without interfering
case study research method that involves an intensive investigation of one or more participants
longitudinal study research method in which data are collected about a group of participants over a number of years to assess how certain characteristics change or remain the same during development
cross-sectional study research method in which data are collected from groups of participants of different ages and compared so that conclusions can be drawn about differences due to age
correlation the measure of a relationship between two variable or sets of data
variable any factor that is capable of change
experimental group the group to which an independent variable is applied
control group the group that is treated in the same way as the experimental group except that the experimental treatment(independent) is not applied
self-fulfulling prophecy a situation in which a researchers expectations influence that a persons own behavior and thereby influence that participants behavior
single-blind experiment an experiment in which the participants are unaware of who received the treatment
double-blind experiment an experiment in which neither the experimenter nor the participants know which participants received which treatment
placebo effect a change in a participants illness or behavior that results from a belief that the treatment will have an effect rather than from the actual treatment

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