1.02 vocab

Term Definition
1. Sports Marketing The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of sports ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives
2. Intangible An Experience you can see, feel and participate in
3. Perishable
A football game you played, you will never play that game again
4. Athletes Make the game happen
5. Facility Time Warner Arena, Lowes Motor Speedway
6. Sporting Goods Tangible, manufactured products that make the game possible
7. Personal Training Get ready to Compete, participating in an exercise class at the local health club
8. Sports Information ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Newspapers
9. Unorganized
Walk in the woods, jogging, freedom of rules
10. Organized
Have rules ( sanctioning bodies) – NCAA, MLB, MBA, MMA
11. Spectators/Fans Observers of the sporting event
12. Sponsors Businesses or organizations that pay to associate their names or products with a sporting event
13. Event Marketing A designing or developing a live themed activity, occasion, display or exhibit, such as a sports, music festival or concert to promote a product, cause, or organization.
14. Corporate Events Conferences, seminars, trade shows, team building, theme parties, VIP events, incentive travel
15. Private Events Weddings, birthdays, family events, anniversaries
16. Start A Dialogue Face to face marketing (virtual marketing)
17. Personal
Build consumer trust for the product
18. Immediate
Produce & consumer the product at the same time
19. Brand Awareness Build Awareness of your product by marketing the event
20. Entertainment
Involves the use of entertainment to develop, promote, and distribute goods and/or services to satisfy the wants and needs of customers.

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