Leccion Preliminar

Term Definition
hola hello
buenos dias good morning
buenas tardes good day
buenas noches good evening/night
adios goodbye
chau bye
hasta luego see you later
hasta manana until tomorrow
hasta mas tarde until later
como estas? how are you?
que tal how is it going?
que pasa what's up?
como esta, usted? (formal) how are you? (formal)
bien good
muy bien very good
asi asi so-so
mas omeuos more or less
regular regular
mal bad/ill
como te llama? what does ___ call you?
me llama to call
soy I'm
igualmente equally
encantada delighted

Science Test 1

Question Answer
Living things do 5 things. What are they? 1.Reproduce offspring
3.Use food for energy
4.React to changes
5. Get rid of Waste
Animal cells have 2 things. Name them. 1. Nucleus Brain
2. Cell Membrane
Plant cells have: 1. Nucleus Brain
2. Chloroplast
3. Cell Walls
Plants do the following: Hold water
Plants cell make: Chlorophyl
What do plant cells and animal cells have in common? Both have nucleus. Take in food and water and get rid of waste.
Vaculous holds water and waste and food
Can viruses reproduce on their own? NO

Geography of Texas

Term Definition
region a spatial area of land that is unified by a common characteristic, such as political unity, linguistic unity, or common climate patterns
physical geography study of the patterns and process related to the Earth’s surface
human geography study of human activities related to interaction with the environment and control of the Earth’s surface
landform a natural physical feature on the earth’s surface
economic activities types of industriescreated to produce and distribute goods and services
settlement patterns the physical arrangement observed by looking at where people live

Lab Safety 9/10/17

Term Definition
Safety Googles protect eyes from chemicals, flames, or heating.
Lab Apron protect from injures from skin or clothing.
plastic gloves protect from touching anything; dispose after use.
heat resistant gloves wear when dealing with anything hot.
Heating use clamp or tongs to hold hot objects.
sharp objects always direct sharp objects away from yourself.
electrical shock never touch any sort of electric with something wet or when you have wet hands. keep from getting tangled. unplug when done.
Poison don't put on skin. don't inhale. wash hands when done
Flames tie back hair and loose clothing. wear googles. follow instruction.
Fumes work in ventilated area. don't inhale. only test odor when directed to.
physical Safety use cautions to avoid hurting yourself or others.
Animal Safety treat animals with care to avoid hurting the animal or yourself. have cautions while dealing with animals. wash hands when done.
Plant Safety don't touch poisonous plants or plants with thorns.
Disposal chemicals and other materials must be disposed safely.
Hand Washing wash hands thoroughly when finished.
General Safety Awareness Follow specific directions.
Corrosive Chemical Avoid getting chemical in your eyes on your skin or clothing. wash hands when finished and don't inhale.

Social Studies Vocab

Term Definition
Sustain Supporting the needs of society allowing growth
Innovation Introduction of a new idea method or device
Contemporary Of present time; modern
Institution A society or organization founded for religious educational, or social purpose
Cultural diffusion The spreading of cultural elements from one society to another
Relationship The way two or more people or organization are connected
Universal themes Unifying or dominant idea

Practice Test #2 14-28

Term Definition
The unit which describes the number of positively charged ions in a liter of a salt solution is the: Milliequivalent
What does PPPA stand for? Poison Prevention Packaging Act
What is the purpose of the PPPA? To prevent accidental poisonings from perscription medication, by requiring locking caps on all prescriptions dispensed from the pharmacy.
What drug is exempt by the PPPA? Nitroglycerin SL
Compounding which is done by fololowing a written protocol for a ingle patient is called: Bulk Compounding
In an IV of D5NS, the strength of the salt solution is: 0.9%
What does D5W stand for? Dextrose 5% Solution in Water.
What does NS stand for? Normal Saline, a decongestant, D5LR. Which is 5% dextrose in lactated Ringer's solution.
What does d5 1/2 NS Stand for? Contains salt and Sugar
OBRA requires the performance of which of the following? Prospective DUR, Retrospective DUR, and Education
Under OBRA law, who is required to conduct a retrospective DUR? State Medicaid Program
In order to rpove compliance with OBRA the pharmacy must maintain: Written Documentation
What does AC stands for? BEFORE MEALS
What does PC stands for? AFTER MEALS
What does C stands for? WITH
What does UD stands for? AS DIRECTED
What does OD stands for? RIGHT EYE
What does OS stands for? LEFT EYE
What does OU stands for? BOTH EYES
What does AD stands for? RIGHT EAR
What does AS stands for? LEFT EAR
What does AU stands for? BOTH EARS
What does UNG stands for? OINTMENT
What does AA stands for? OF EACH
What does QS stands for? QUANTITY SUFFICIENT
What is Floor Stock? Commonly used large volume intravenous solutions which do not require additional drugs be added to them are store at the nursing station medication room
What is a Crash Cart or Emergency Cart? Stored Medications that must be available to the practitioner without delay that are used during life threatening emergencies
What is the purpose of a retrospective review? A review after the fact of medication used in emergency situations where the pharmacist goes over it and the findings help future patients
What does SS stands for? ONE-HALF
What does i stands for? ONE
What does ii stands for? TWO
What does iii stands for? THREE
What does IV stands for? FOUR
What does V stands for? FIVE
What does X stands for? TEN
What does C stands for? ONE HUNDRED
What does M stands for? ONE THOUSAND
Never leave a decimal… Uncovered
What is the Avoirdupois System Household system we use for cooking in the kitchen at one
What is the Apothecary Sysem Foreign units such as scruple,dram,minim,fluidram…not commonly used, do not assume it is on any prescription unless it is specified to use, the only unit we use from this family is Grain
What is the Metric System Europe and in the field on science. Basic unit of weight is the gram and the basic unit of volume is the liter.
In the Metric System, What does MICRO mean? ONE MILLIONTH
In the Metric System, What does MILLI mean? ONE THOUSANDTH
In the Metric System, What does CENTI mean? ONE HUNDREDTH
In the Metric System, What does DECI mean? ONE TENTH
In the Metric System, What does KILO mean? ONE THOUSAND
In the Metric System, How many MCG in 1 MG? 1000
In the Metric System, How many MG in 1 G? 1000
In the Metric System, How many G in 1 KG? 1000
In the Metric System, How many ML in 1 L ? 1000
In the Avoirdupois System, How many TEASPOONS in 1 TABLESPOON? 3
In the Avoirdupois System, How many TBSP in 1 OZ? 2
In the Avoirdupois System, How many OZ in 1 PINT? 16
In the Avoirdupois System, How many PT in 1 QUART? 2
In the Avoirdupois System, How many QT in 1 GALLON? 4
In the Avoirdupois System, How many OZ in 1 LB? 16
In the Avoirdupois System, what does G stand for ? Gallon
In the Metric System, what does G stand for? Grams
In the Apothecary System, what does GR stand for? Grain
In the Avoirdupois System, How many ML in 1 TSP? 5
In the Avoirdupois System, How many ML in 1 TBSP? 15
In the Avoirdupois System, How many ML in 1 OZ? 30
In the Avoirdupois System, How many ML in 1 PT? 480
In the Avoirdupois System, How many ML in 1 G? 3840
In the Avoirdupois System, How many GR in 1 G? 15.4
In the Avoirdupois System, How many MG in 1 GR? 60
In the Avoirdupois System, How many LB in 1 KG? 2.2
In the Avoirdupois System, How many G in 1 LB? 454
In the Avoirdupois System, How many G in 1 OZ? 30
What does mEq Stand for? Milliequivalent
What does mEq refer to? Refers to th number of positively charged ions in a liter of a salt solution
Which drugs do mEq commonly describe? Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium containing solutions
How do you calculate the Equivalent? 1 Eq=the molecular weight of the salt /divided/ by the charged ion
Unless otherwise specified how are you calculating the molecular weight? For a Volume of 1 Liter
In a torsion balance where is the sample placed? In the center of the left pan
In a torsion balance where is the weight placed? In the center of the right pan
Can you touch the weights with your fingers? No, only tweezers to prevent contamination and weight accuracy, due to oil on hands
In a Graduated Cylinder you should never… measure a sample less then 20 of the the total volume of the cylinder
In a glass cylinder, where do you read the volume? At the lowest point of the meniscus
When measuring liquid what unit of measurement is it? Volume
Where do you read the volume within the syringe? The point at which the black ring closest to the top touches the barrel.
What does MDI stand for Metered Does Inhalers
What is Bulk Packaging used for Topical product like creams and ointments, and also eye and ear drops
Monthly packs are commonly used for Contraceptives and maintenance medications for diseases
When are Therapeutic Packs used Medication given for a specific period of time and then discontinued, such as antibiotics
Extemporaneous Compounding Compounding where no written directions for the compounding process exist, should only be done by the pharmacist
Bulk Compounding A compound where there is a written protocol for the compounding of a product, and the product is mad in a quantity required for a single course of treatment for a individual
Bulk Manufacturing Bulk Compounding on a Grander Scale. enough for several treatments for several patients
When repackaging is done in the pharmacy, what should be kept A log book to fully record what took place, a control number should be printed in the label that corresponds to the compounding record
What does MAR stand for? Medication Administrative Record
What is a MAR A computerized record, that keeps a list of all medication the patient has been on or is on
What does LVP stand for Intravenous product that can be termed a Large volume Parenteral
What does SVP stand for Intravenous product that can be termed a Small volume Parenteral
Why is Nitroglycerin IV different It must be administered with specially designed sets because it binds to normal IV admin sets
Why is Nitroprusside Sodium different It is used in hypersensitive emergencies, it is extremely sensitive to light, immediately after mixing it must be wrapped in aluminum foil or another light blocking material
DEA 222 form, who gets the Brown Copy 1 Suppliers
DEA 222 form, who gets the Green Copy 2 DEA Office
DEA 222 form, who gets the Blue Copy 3 Pharmacy or Purchaser
Supplier has how many days to fill the DEA 222 order form 60 days from date written
What is DEA form 106 Report of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substance, used if a shortage that cannot be reconciled by the supplier should be reported to local DEA office
How long do reconstituted antibiotics last 14 days
Which reconstituted antibiotic liquids last only 10 days after mixing Augmentin and Biaxin
Reconstituted antibiotics are kept in the refrigerator to slow degradation, which should not be kept in the fridge but at room temp.? Clarithromycin and clindamycin
What is reconstitution? Adding a volume of liquid to a dehydrated drug
Why are some drugs sent dehyrdrated They degrade quickly in the presence of moisture
How to convert C to F C=(F-32) * (5/9)
How to convert F to C F=C*(9/5)+32
What is room temperature? 15-25 degrees C or 59-77 F
What does D5LR stand for Dextrose 5% in lactated Ringer's solution (intravenous sugar solution)
What does D5NS stand for Dextrose 5% in normal saline (0.9%) (intravenous sugar solution)
Exemptions to PPPA Patient request, prescriber request or drug dispensed is a exempted Drug

mysterious vocab

Question Answer
alibi this is a claim of an accused person of not having been at the crime scene and is supported by a witness.
perpetrator the person that is guilty of committing a crime.
clue information that helps find that helps find the answer to a problem, question, or crime.
deduction collecting the facts and drawing a possible conclusion.
evidence something or someone that proves that proves who committed a crime.
red herring a false lead that throw the investigator off balance
sleuth an investigator or detective
witness a person that has personal knowledge about a crime.
character a person or animal in a story, play, or other literary work.
plot series of related events that make up a story.
setting time and place of a story, poem, or play.
suspense the anxious curiosity about what will happen next in a story.
mood overall emotion created by a work of literature.
suspects people who appear to a have a have committed a crime.

Vocabulary Unit 1wk4

Question Answer
brealthrough a discovery or advance
Synonym: discovery Antonym: step back
captivated influence or charm
Synonym: entertain Antonym: annoy
claimed say it is yours
Synonym: take Antonym: abandon
devices things made for a purpose
Synonym: equipment Antonym: destruction

enthusiastically interest or excitement
Synonym: eagerly Antonym: quietly
envision to imagine
Synonym: imagine Antonym: ignore
passionate when you love something
Synonym: love it Antonym: uncaring
patents the right to use
Synonym: clear Antonym: unclear

Audio text-Ex.1,p.13 Vocabulario de un audio de abuelos

Term Definition
la grabacion recording
la emisora radio station
segun according to
el cuidado care
escasos recursos scarce resources
adinerado wealthy
contratar guarderias to contract (use) daycares
los nietos grandchildren
disfrutar/gozar to enjoy
angustiado frustrated
ocuparse to occupy oneself
la mitad half
el promedio average
rejuvenecer to rejuvenate
apoyo support
entretenido entertained
recompensar to compensate, to pay
invertido invested
el proposito purpose
prevenir el maltrato prevent mistreatment

Unit 1 chapter 1 Jennifer Lopez

Term Definition
republic a government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials
Julius Ceaser a military leader who became Rome's "dictator for life"
assassinate to murder a well-known person or important person
Augustus an emperor of the Roman Empire, whose name was originally Octavian
Diocletian divided the Roman Empire into two and choose loyal officials to help him rule
Pax Romana a period of peace and prosperity
corruption involves the use of a position of trust for dishonest gain
Attila a leader who became the Huns' chief
Clovis deafened the Romans and the Visigoth to rule much of France
Citizenship a membership in a political community that brings both rights and responsibilities.
autonomous independent