COST FP 1201 FACESMAP – 5th Joint MC and WG Meeting with Travellab, Zagreb, Croatia

The 5th Joint MC and WG Meeting with Travellab started today in Zagreb Croatia. Prior to the official opening, participants from TS Umea had planning meeting on presenting the results to the FACESMAP meeting participants.

Dijana Vuletic from Croatian Forest Research Institute and Stjepan Posavec From Faculty of Forestry / University of Zagreb welcomed the participants. Chair of the action, Gerhard Weiss presented the short plan of activities, including time plan, activities, etc.


TS Umeå participants




A lot of familiar FOPER faces

Successful closing of the Second CAPABAL TS “Research design: Focus on Delphi method and Social Network Analysis”

Professor Spela Pezdevsek Malovrh closed the TS after group presentations. In total 18 participants successfully completed all tasks given by the trainers.

COST TN 1401 CAPABAL Second training school in Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Research Design: A focus on DELPHI method and Social Network Analysis”

Second COST TN 1401 CAPABAL Training School is organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia from May 26th to May 29th 2015. First day of the program was dedicated to research design. Participant had opportunity to work with professor Davide Pettenella and discuss the issues related to preparation of research synopsis, publishing the research paper, etc. The last session of the day was held by professor Margaret Shannon. The session was focused on research design and preview of experiences in social research.

From the day two participants continued to work with Riccardo Da Re and Marko Lovric (FOPER graduate) on participative approach, DELPHI method and Social Network Analysis.image image

Apply for the next edition of the PhD School on “International Forestry and Global Issues”

PhD School “International Forestry and Global Issues”

May 19th to 23rd, 2014
INRA campus, Champenoux, France

The next edition of the PhD School on “International Forestry and Global Issues” (IFGI) will be held in Champenoux and Nancy, the French capital of forest research and education, from 19 to 23 May 2014. The course is organised by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), the European Forest Institute Central European Regional Office and the Observatory for European Forests (EFICENT-OEF), and AgroParisTech.

You can register for the PhD School here.

Inter-chair meeting: Forest policy, economics and organization in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Inter-chair meeting was organized in Sarajevo on November 29th, 2013.

Teachers and researchers from the field of forest policy, economics and organization presented their institutions and discussed opportunities for future cooperation.

During the meeting team underlined that achievements of FOPER project should be used as a basis for future cooperation between the institutions. Furthermore, they have also discussed about existing opportunities, work organization and ongoing project proposals.